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Kazoo is firstly about genuinely valuing and appreciating our people, we call them the Krew. We know we have great people at Kazoo and we will do everything we can to create an environment that will inspire, empower, and motivate them to be great at what they do. Kazoo is secondly about allowing these talented people to create and bring products to market that will excite, entice and add value to pets and pet owners everywhere. All pet owners, be they a child, adolescent, single mum or dad, or the white picket fence nuclear family, deserve to have access to great products and services for their pets.  Many pet owners are time poor and genuinely want to devote more quality time to their pets.

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Kazoo had the animal, zoo, connection and it was a fun name too. The name Kazoo fitted perfectly with where the company was to be positioned. Kazoo is also cute and easy to remember, with the catch cry, 'fun pet gear', because that’s what we want pet owners everywhere to experience, more fun and quality interaction time with their pets. Pets add happiness and enjoyment to our lives. It is, however, easy to take them for granted, and due to our often busy lifestyles, we unknowingly emotionally neglect them.

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